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Hydro-jetting depends on the ability of high-velocity jets of water at over 4000 pounds per square inch to dislodge materials from the pipe walls and transport them down the sewer. Water under high pressure is fed through a hose to a nozzle placed in your sewer and dislodges the materials on your sewer walls. The nozzle allows water to emerge as a free jet to remove the blockage from your sewer. It consist of a drive, pressure generator, hose lines, spraying devices, safety mechanisms and control and measurement devices. This jet can even wash away grease that has set with cold water. Hydro-jetting works by blasting an initial hole in the blockage, and the rest of the blockage is removed by the water coming back.
Hydro-jetting will restore the flow capacity of your sewer line and get it back to its regular working condition. If you hear unusual gurgling coming from your drains or when you flush the toilet, it could be a serious problem with your sewer lines. If your sewer is backed up, or you are interested in sewer maintenance, call Olympic Plumbing and Sewer. We will diagnois the problem using state of the art video camera technology and if appropriate, use high pressure hydo-jetting to address the problem. Donít wait for damage and big problems to occur in your sewer lines, call us today.
It is a good idea to maintain a clean and fully operational sewer line. Back up can cause damage to your home, foul odors and sickness, so it is important to take care of it as soon as possible. Junk buildup and plant roots are some of the most common causes of sewer back up. Sewer back up can also be caused by large objects being flushed down the toilet, or grease clogging the pipes. This can often be addressed, either temporarily or in some cases permanently, through high pressure hydrojetting.
Olympic Plumbing and Sewer offers an affordable solution to clean your sewer: Using video camera technology, we locate and identify the cause of the back up and remove the problem. A plumbing inspection camera is a fiber optic line with a high definition video camera attached to the end. It can be snaked through the plumbing line to solve the mystery of what is backing up your pipes. It can reveal if pipes are broken, corrosion, tree roots and any other problem.
There is no reason to dig up your yard in order to find the problem. With sewer video inspection, it is possible to avoid excavation and quickly and easily take care of the problem. In some cases replacement of the pipeline is necessary, in which case Olympic Plumbing and Sewer can help!
Clogged drains can happen, and they are not fun. If your drain is completely blocked, the bathtub, shower, sink or toilet becomes full of water. At this point, the stubborn clog must be removed through all the built up water and chances are you will not be able to clear it using household remedies or drain products.
If you have multiple clogged drains in your home, "We Drain Your Pipes, Not Your Budget". In order to help prevent this, we have preventive maintenance available to regularly inspect your drains to give peace of mind and help avoid these annoying clogs. For example, your kitchen sink and laundry drains may be connected in multiple places and what happens in one, can affect the other. Using the most up-to-date equipment in the plumbing industry, our licensed plumbers are able to unclog toilets, main sewers, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers, floor drains, downspouts, area drains and any other pipe or plumbing fixture.  Olympic Plumbing and Sewer has been in business over 75 years and is there to help you with your pipes, drains, sewers and faucets.  We are there to do maintenance or installations, whatever your plumbing needs, "We Drain Your Pipes, Not Your Budget".
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Discolored water

Bad tasting water due to rust in lines

Puddling or flooding

Clogging of showerhead
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